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piling bills makes anyone unhappyIs your life a piled-up expense and bills “nightmare”? Are you looking for a loan, which you can obtain by the least number of formalities? Do not look any further. Car Title Loans Oakland is there for you to provide the cash that you need in the swiftest possible manner.

Your vehicle holds the key to financial freedom.

You are the sole owner of a vehicle – car, truck, and you need a loan. Well, do not look anywhere else because you have the prerequisite that allows you to borrow cash, immediately.

Your vehicle does not only give you the freedom to travel anywhere at will but now also helps you in getting money easily when you need it the most.


How do these loans work?

We, at Car Title Loans Oakland, have a simple procedure to let you borrow cash that fits your needs. Just make sure that you own a vehicle outright and be assured of a guaranteed approval from us.

Your vehicle could be of any make and year because we will evaluate its current market value and let you have the loan as soon as the same day.

Any vehicle value receives a guaranteed approval.


Car Title Loans Oakland understands how it is frustrating to hear refusal after all the efforts that you put in for borrowing cash for your needs.

That is why we promise you that you will not have to bear a refusal when you choose us.
We are just a call away; call us (510)344-7000.


Bad credit scores are welcome to apply, too.poor credit okay


This is no gimmick. We, at Car Title Loans Oakland, are open to receiving loan requests from vehicle owners who have poor credit scores. Frankly, we are not interested in your credit history. You may have missed payments in the past, but you are, nevertheless, eligible to borrow these loans.

Hence, you can apply without apprehension even when you are tagged with the lowest credit rating.

We are proud to declare that we do not indulge in time-wasting procedures like the credit checking. Give us a call at (510)344-7000.


So what exactly do you need to do?

We need to see your car to provide you with the highest evaluation. On this basis, you will get the loan.
We simply require you to pledge the title of your vehicle against the borrowed amount. Just submit the documents to us, and you are free to have the money as well as enjoy the services of your vehicle.

Yes, you get to keep your vehicle.


At Car Title Loans Oakland, we are not going to take your car away. First, you will complete the documents with us. Then, evaluate your car and finally, we will offer you the loan while the vehicle will remain in your possession. You are free to use it as you have been using; nobody will stop you from driving your vehicle.

Remember, by borrowing the loans you are not losing anything. This feature makes these loans the best option for every vehicle owner.


Moreover, you enjoy certain other benefits.

By applying with us, you are entitled to a couple of other services, too:

  • - Quick approval

Do you hate lengthy loan procedures? Yes, we too hate them.

It is our business to bring cash assistance promptly. When you apply with us, all we need to know is if you fully own your vehicle.

When we receive your confirmation, we will approve your loan amount without any further ado.

  • - Loan at the lowest rate of interest

We are not bothered at all about the make of your car or how long have you been driving it. You can rest assured that you would get the loan at the most affordable interest rates from us.

  • - Highest loan amount against any vehicle

We implore you that you should not judge the value of your vehicle. You do not know what a huge amount of cash it can fetch you. Let our experienced loan executives perform an evaluation of your car and give you the highest possible market value.

With the best market rate for your car, you will receive the largest loan amount from us. Call us at (510)344-7000 and let us start the loan procedure right away.


Look below and see examples of  loan estimates…

Year of CarMake of CarModelTrimTypical Loan Amount
Year of CarMake of CarModelTrimTypical Loan Amount
2005Acura MDX Sport Utitlity 4D $8,500 - $9,500
2006Audi A6 3.2 Quattro Sedan 4D $10,000 - $11,000
2007BMW M5 Sedan 4D $22,500 - $23,500
2008Buick Enclave CX Sport Utitlity 4D $12,000 - $13,000

  • - Borrow cash for any use

Applying with Car Title Loans Oakland gives you the freedom to use the loan for any expense. We’re never going to enquire about the usage of the loan amount.

Some of the ways in which you can use the car title loans are:

  • - Repay your creditors
  • - Pay kids’ school fees
  • - Pay hospital fees or medical charges
  • - Arrange funeral services

Such a multi-purpose loan comes with the easiest loan process. We just need you to fill in a few basic details about yourself and your car. After submission, just wait for a quick call from us so you can get your loan.

It is just that simple.

  • - Enjoy our no-fee services and no-prepayment penalties.

In today’s age when everything comes with a price, we take pride in offering our services free of cost.

Unlike others, who bombard you with high fees at every step, we are only interested in getting you the cash you need.

Never mind if you are able to repay your loan at an earlier date than the stipulated date of repayment. Come forward and make the repayment without bearing any penalties for the same.

  • - Complete professional assistance.

Car Title Loans Oakland is eager to help you in every way. Call us at (510)344-7000 and you’ll get the professional and personable assistance from our loan executives.title loans are quick


Talk to us freely and let us help you with our tailor-made loans.

Are you stressed about the loan installments? If yes, then you should not be because we have resources to help you in making repayments through affordable installments.

A life free of debts and expenses is waiting for you. Do not wait anymore. Make a call at (510)344-7000 that can change the financial scenario of your life for the best.

Apply with us,  Car Title Loans Oakland, today.